Unisex products formulated by Nonna Lina, based on natural ingredients from our own lands.

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The Story

The story begins with my grandmother Lina, born in 1934. She has been the most important person in the development of the Giomi products. Growing up in Sicily in a family of farmers, she experimented with the finest natural ingredients and developed a formula that has worked wonders for the family’s’ hair. With belief in her secret formula, Giomi was created.

Giomi, a name resembling my family. Not only is it the name of my sister, but it’s a combination between my parents’ names (Gio)achino and (Mi)randa. With my father his roots in Sicily and my mother’s in the Netherlands, this had to be a product with old traditional ingredients and a modern Dutch feel. The key Giomi ingredients come from Sicily and are handled with special care and knowledge. My family still has its own farm where they produce almond and olive oil. The two key ingredients for Giomi products.

The Story

Giomi was created based on the secret formula developed by our grandmother, Lina, using natural ingredients. It combines traditional Sicilian ingredients with a modern Dutch feel, and the key ingredients are produced on our family farm in Sicily.

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For Giomi, sustainability represents the responsibility we owe to ourselves, the people we work with, our customers, and the world in which we live and work today and tomorrow. We are thankful for the beautiful volcanic island Sicily that offers the fertile ground for growing ingredients that make the secret formula for the Giomi products. We should all protect the ground that came to us as a blessing. With Giomi we are committed to minimize environmental impact, without compromising the quality or quantity of the natural resources.

All Giomi products, both packaging and ingredients, come from Italy. This is a deliberate choice we have made in order to keep the Co2 emission as low as possible. And by using re-usable and biodegradable packaging we try to help maintain this ground, and most importantly our world. Our bottles are made of glass that can be fully recycled and sugarcane plastic.

With Giomi we believe in natural and beautiful haircare for everybody.


We are committed to sustainability, minimizing our environmental impact while maintaining the quality and quantity of natural resources. We use ingredients and packaging from Italy to keep CO2 emissions low, and use reusable and biodegradable materials. Our belief is in natural and beautiful hair care for everyone.

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"I will never be able to use other hair products. My hair looks AMAZING, voluminous and silky. It also smells like heaven."

"I have only just started using the hair mask and oil. Literally only once so far, and my hair is already softer and shinier, I look forward to how it will be in the next few weeks. Very quick and efficient service as well."

"The best product on the market. I am ABSOLUTELY in love with their hair oil. The smell is just amazing and it doesn't leave my hair greasy and it's also not too heavy for my waivy hair. I just love it. I've been buying it since two years and the 100ml hair oil lasts me a little under a year, daily use. I can't recommend this enough!"

"Giomi curl cream truly defines my 3C curls and they can hold on for quite some days, which is an absolute delight. The cream does have a gel effect, which I do not like so much but it is what keeps the definition lasting. I am obsessed with the oil and the softness it brings to my hair on day 2,3,4 curls.
Both the cream and oil smell phenomenal."

"I am obsessed with the hair oil, it smells unreal! And most importantly it always leaves my hair shiny without making it look oily. I have just bought the skin care and am so far i am really happy about my skin which is why i felt like leaving this review :) My products for my daily routine are basically all from here!"

"If Heaven had a scent, it would be inside this tiny bottle.

Seriously, smells soo good! You only need a few drops to add some shine and nourishment to your hair. It is lightweight and does not get your hair looking dirty or greasy. By the way, the delivery was so quick. I ordered it on Sunday night, and I received it on Tuesday! (I live in Spain)."

"Both the curl cream and hair oil are the absolute best treatments my hair has ever gotten! No more frizz, dryness or dull or limp curls! What’s even cooler is that the days after I wash my hair and use Giomi, my hair seems to have absorbed the nutrients more and my hair looks even better! I plan on using these two gems for as long as they’re available!"

"Both the curl cream and hair oil are absolutely phenomenal! I'm a guy in my mid-20s with really curly, thick long hair that's just recently started to get more serious about my hair care in the last year, and both of these products are by far the best I've come across for my needs. Excited to see what else you guys come up with!"

"Best hair oil i have ever used!

My hair is this typical European dark blonde wavy and unruly hair. Most oils leave my hair greasy and weigh it down.
This oil does not weigh it down and its absorbed in les than a minute!
I love to use it on dry hair. It's amazing when my hair decides to do stuff on its own.
Not to even mention the scent!
I know it's not cheap but you won't regret it."

"A unique luxurious product for the hair: it has provided to mine a silky touch, It softens the texture of my hair (processed) and has given it a healthy shine, its smell is unique; it is not heavy once applied; takes care of the hair tips.
In my experience, I use more than two or three drops: I use the dropper almost 3 times ( half, not full) but I have to say that I have a lot of hair, long and wavy.

I would purchased again once finished."

"I purchased the curl cream and the oil. The curl cream is my new favorite - you don’t need too much and it makes my curls so soft and shiny, along with giving hold to my pattern. The oil is so beautiful - great for refreshing my curls and to use at night before bed to wake up with shiny curls. Also not heavy which I love!"

"I absolutely LOVE this hair oil and creme, it instantly tames my fine wavy hair and smells absolutely divine. I live in New Zealand and postage was a lot faster than I expected even with the international travel/postal delays and both the curl cream and hair oil were beautifully (and solidly) packaged.
I will definitely buy it again."

"I have nothing but good things to say about Giomi skincare (and haircare). This has been my first experience with any kind of skin care and I must say - my expectations have been exceeded…

I’ve been using it since November. I can definitely say that I have seen noticeable results. My skin glows in a way that it never has before. Blackheads have disappeared from my nose. Many people approach me and ask me what my secret is and I always spread the good word about Giomi!"

"The hair oil was amazing to begin with, the scent, the feel !!!!! Now I got the mask and I’m done for !! I am no longer going without either !! Love them, thank you for creating such artistry !!"

"Amazing product! One of the best I have ever tried for my curly hair"

"Very good productsQuickly received Nice"

"I love this product, it makes my day everyday!!!"

"I love Giomi products. Rated 5 ⭐. I like the scent leaves on my hair."

"It's great and arrived quickly"

"Amazing product and smells nice"

"Great product! Leaves the hair fabulous!!"

"My hair has become nice and shiny"

"Giomi is so heavenly"

"Love it!♡ amazing smell.. and happy hair."

"Best hair products I've ever used."

"Excellent products, absolutely natural."

"I really like it. Make your hair look and look naturally hydrated and healthy. And as bonus it has a good smell."

"This oil is the best I have used. My hair is naturally curly. It smooths, softens without weighing it down. On my third bottle."

"The products are awesome. Using the oil and the cream and both are incredible. The order was fast. 5 of 5."

"This is the best product ever, very helpful and beautiful 🤩"

"Bought it for my girlfriend as a gift. Smells great but the funny thing is her hair looks better."

"I took the cream and it's gorgeous. I have been growing my hair for 4 years and I have never found a product that I liked. It was the best money spent."

"Totally amazing!!! a great product which is actually worth the price 🙏🏼👌🏽"

"Great products! Incredibly fast delivery! Im happy."

"Great quality and the smell is absolutely divine."

"Love this product. I use the oil and the cream. Already ordered one for my mom and another for my sister."

"I love the Giomi products!! It smells so nice and it really smoothens my skin. I will definitely buy it again."

"Amazing products, my skin is so much better now."

"Yeah buddy. This is the best oil I have ever had! Recommended!"

"Really pleased with the comb, definitely worth it."

"Great product made by great people. Couldn’t be happier!"

"The products smell really nice! and the haid oil makes my hair soft and shiny, love it!"

"Super uncomplicated and fast.Thank you 🙏🏻"

"When used the right way, it makes wonders for your curls."

"The best oil I ever had. The smell is delicious!!"

"Love this product it does wonders to my curl hair"

"For years I've been looking for the right product for my hair and I've finally found it! Giomi hair oil feels amazing, it nourishes and treats my hair at the same time, feels very light and keeps my curls frizz free.
I'm a fan!."

"Best hair oil i have ever used! My hair is this typical European dark blonde wavy and unruly hair. Most oils leave my hair greasy and weigh it down.This oil does not weigh it down and iit's absorbed in les than a minute!I love to use it on dry hair. It's amazing when my hair decides to do stuff on its own.Not to even mention the scent!I know it's not cheap but you won't regret it."

"The products came in very good quality, packaging was neat and each product was very good on my skin. Definitely will buy again in the future."

"Beautiful products and timely delivery. Very satisfied with Giomi. This is my second time ordering."

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